Lifestyle Counseling


Our main task is to assist people in finding ways to improve their health on all levels and in all aspects of their lives - to help them reach a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose, realize fully their creative and spiritual potential, and unfold their unlimited capabilities.

Naturopathic Medicine

It is a health care approach which is based on the idea that the body has inner intelligence and ability to heal/restore optimal balance, when provided with proper conditions


Our Clinic

is welcoming all those who are on the path of health and self-discovery.

It has been helping people attain better levels of health and life quality for almost 20 years. Together with the hundreds of patients that started seeing me, Aloel Cristal (formerly Olga Golikova) as a Naturopathic Doctor in the beginning of my practice, and those who have joined over the years, we have gained deeper knowledge and understanding of how to create and maintain good health on all levels.

How I can help

 One of the most effective treatments that I can offer is to provide a patient with knowledge and some simple techniques that help him  or her to deepen and broaden their understanding and awareness of themselves, which enables them to change on deep levels. As they start to change and align themselves with Universal patterns of harmony, the physical healing commences automatically.

In order for a patient to start on their true healing journey he or she first has to assume a 100% responsibility for his or hers life and health. This is one of the most important pre-requisites for real healing.


What is new

Letting my patents know that I am moving my office from it's former location at 109 McCabe crescent to my farm at 6893 2nd line, in Tottenham, L0G 1W0, tel (905)936-5046.

I will also be seeing patients at a health clinic on Disera Drive, on Saturdays between 1-4 PM.


Please call or e-mail me:

p (905)936-5046